Thursday, June 7, 2012

I have her

From Evernote:

I have her

The notices were posted throughout the subway system by morning when he traveled to work... "missing!" Describing her in detail and the date and time she was last seen, the grocery store near his apartment... All he could think to say to himself was, "I have her"

I came home to her, she was asleep, gagged and bound as I'd left her this morning

Haven't had sex with her yet

I woke her with a kiss and tap to her cheek... She realized it was dark out, surprised

They'll be looking for me
They are, signs all over the subway
They'll find me
No they won't, they'll give up, that's why I took you... Patience...

People fall in love for the what seems like the strangest reasons

She wants to run but then she doesn't